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Responsive Web Design

We develop websites that display well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. Our websites adapt to the screen viewing environment for optimal performance and usability. Responsive Web Design uses HTML, Coding and CSS to resize, shrink, enlarge and move the website content to make it look great on any screen.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Images Official website
Responsive images scale nicely to fit browsers of any size.
Show Different Images Depending on Browser Width
Your website can be configured to show different images for different browser window sizes. The browser can display small images when the screen is small and can display a larger image for larger screens.
Responsive Text Size
Text can be set to display in different sizes based on the size of the browser window. Text can be set to look nice on any size screen whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
Bootstrap uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery to make responsive web pages that display customized content responsively on different size screens. Basic mobile phone browsers don't understand JavaScript or queries so appropriate technologies can be used on different platforms.